Earlier this year Steadmans celebrated the achievement of BES 6001 certification in recognition of our responsible material sourcing. But what is the certification, and why it is important for contractors and installers?


BES 6001 was introduced by the Building Research Establishment as standard a framework, used by building product manufacturers, to show that the constituent materials of products are responsibly sourced.

The responsible sourcing of construction products is achieved by adopting a rounded approach to the entirety of the manufacturing process. For Steadmans’ this means being environmentally aware from the point at which component materials are mined or harvested, through manufacturing and processing.

The BRE describes BES 6001 as:

“Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products is demonstrated through an ethos of supply chain management and product stewardship and encompasses social, economic and environmental dimensions.

“Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products addresses aspects such as stakeholder engagement, labour practices and the management of supply chains serving materials sectors upstream of the manufacturer.”

Importantly, the standard helps us to cover our three main product categories, namely galvanised steel, composite panels and pre-painted steel products.

BES 6001 certification is only granted following an independent, third party assessment. Steadmans’ audit was undertaken by Intertek, a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company.

Why is BES 6001 important?

The certification is extremely important as all industries must increasingly demonstrate their environmental credentials and how they are taking all the necessary steps to limit their impact on nature and its resources.

By partnering with a manufacturer with BES 6001 accreditation, contractors are in a strong position to win projects as they can demonstrate to decision makers their commitments to being environmentally proactive. The accreditation also supports decision makes as they can be assured products contribute towards their environmental commitments.

By achieving BES 6001 we can show the combined importance we place on supporting environmental initiatives, having the highest manufacturing standards and providing our customers with a comprehensive range of outstanding building products.

By Liam O’Hara