Why continually raising standards is integral to success

Members of every industry are aware of the need to maintain high standards across the board, but in sectors such as construction, where failing to meet standards can be the difference between life and death, it is vital. Not only can a high standard of health and safety help to […]

How will Brexit impact material costs?

Many questions were raised in the wake of the EU referendum, with key figures in every industry speculating about the potential impact on their sector in the months ahead. Since June’s Brexit decision, the UK economy has defied some analysts’ predictions and remained robust, but with the government and new […]

Can warranties provide value and peace of mind?

Any transaction involves a certain amount of trust, as the buyer can never truly know how long the particular item or items will last. Of course, many products are designed to be long-lasting and to satisfy customer requirements for years or even decades, in the case of buildings. The old adage […]

The use of drones in construction

In recent years, one of the most interesting but also mysterious advances in technology has been drones, which have evolved from mainly military purposes to a variety of commercial, recreational and other uses. What was once grounded in science fiction has now become reality, as drones become more advanced yet […]

Construction opportunities created by HS2

Much has been made of the impact that HS2 will have on the UK since the government first gave the project the green light in January 2012, with everything from the effect on homeowners to the impact on businesses being debated, not to mention the opportunities for the construction […]

LPCB certification: Why protection always pays

Any business will be aware of the need to secure its assets, and this extends to buildings themselves, which are just as susceptible to damage as their contents. When it comes to protecting these assets, the old adage that prevention is always better than the cure rings true, and when […]
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    Building materials storage – know your requirements and responsibilities

Building materials storage – know your requirements and responsibilities

It is not uncommon for a building project to experience delays at some point, which can range in severity from a day to an entire project being postponed indefinitely. In these circumstances, it can create a supply chain headache, as some products have already been delivered, some are in transit, […]

Steadmans budget reaction

George Osborne’s latest Budget provided mixed news for UK, businesses, and will have varying effects on the construction industry and other sectors in the short- and long-term. One significant positive was the decision not to increase fuel duty, which had been widely expected and is now being celebrated after the […]

Short-term outlay vs long-term investment

Every business will tackle the conundrum of whether to shell out in the short-term or to focus on long-term investment, and the outcome will be dependent on many factors. Chief among them is the nature of the project and whether it warrants a long-term approach or whether short-term expenditure will […]

GD23: Check out the checklist to ensure you get it right

December 22, 2015 The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) has published its latest inspection checklist, which has been welcomed by Steadmans. Guidance Document GD23 offers practical guidance to assist local authority building inspectors, main contractors, architects, engineers and other parties involved in the specification, procurement and installation of […]
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