The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) has published its latest inspection checklist, which has been welcomed by Steadmans.

Guidance Document GD23 offers practical guidance to assist local authority building inspectors, main contractors, architects, engineers and other parties involved in the specification, procurement and installation of metal roofing and cladding systems most commonly used in industrial, commercial and warehouse buildings.

The guidance document sets out a four-stage compliance checklist covering specification, design, on-site and completion. Each stage provides a summary of the checks which should be conducted and the required proof of compliance. In addition, each stage includes cross references to the more detailed information which can be found in the MCRMA guidance documents.

Its use will support the specification of the metal-based building envelope, help in checking compliance with the appropriate building regulations and industry standards and it has also been designed to be used during the process of making the appropriate on-site checks at each stage of the building process.

The MCRMA, of which Steadmans is a member, stresses that the recording of conformance at each stage of the build process will help to achieve compliance and a reduction in errors, which will subsequently lead to the successful completion of a reliable, durable and sustainable building envelope.

The publication can be downloaded from the MCRMA website, with its 10 pages covering a breakdown of each system and compliance at every stage of each project.

This includes the following systems:

  • Built-up metal based roofing and cladding systems, constructed on-site from a series of component parts, to provide a thermally insulated and weatherproof structural envelope to the building.
  • Factory insulated composite panels consisting of two metal faces positioned on either side of a thermally insulating core material firmly bonded to both metal faces, so that the three components act as a composite unit when under load.

Guidance Document GD23 deals with each aspect of compliance including fire, thermal, construction drawings, CE marking, calculations and materials at the specification, design, on-site construction and the completion stage. The use of the checklist in conjunction with products and systems available from Steadmans will enable building owners to invest with confidence in their next building project.

Steadmans urges all professionals involved in the design and build process to download and use the document, which is available here.

By Liam O’Hara, marketing director at SIG Building Solutions