Twin-skin cladding systems are an increasingly popular choice for architects, specifiers and installers, bringing together metal profiled sheeting and insulation to create an attractive, comprehensive and self-supporting cladding system.

These systems comprise a metal liner, layered with glass/mineral fibre insulation and finished with a visually-appealing coloured outer sheet. The Gemello roof and wall system from SIG brings all these products together from one single distribution source.

When it comes to the liner sheet of these systems, a key benefit comes from using a 0.7mm non-fragile liner. Using a 0.7mm non-fragile liner speeds up installation of the cladding system, weatherproofs the inside of the building and reduces risk to the site installers and follow-on trades.

As a leading expert supplier in roofing and cladding systems, here Steadmans sets out the keys benefits of using non-fragile liners.


Non-fragile roof liners speed up installation

The liner is generally the first part of a roofing system to be installed, so using a 0.7mm non-fragile liner with a 30mm or deeper profile at this stage means significant time saved on the rest of the build over a fragile roof liner sheet.

We spoke to Mike Cox, product and project manager at SIG Building Solutions, about the efficiencies of a non-fragile liner.

“With a fragile roof you have to install every component off crawl boards. This means additional time, costs and a slower installation pace, ultimately reducing the efficiency of the installation due to the constant repositioning of the safe-working platform, limiting the amount that can be installed at any one time,” Mike says.

“But by using a non-fragile liner, once fixed, sealed and safe the liner can act as a working platform allowing for a continuous and efficient installation program.

“On some sites the non-fragile liner can remove the need for safety netting at an earlier stage, which again reduces costs on site.”

Another benefit of a non-fragile liner is that it provides fast, initial weather-proofing. This allows other trades to begin work inside the building, in the dry, while the rest of the roof, such as the bracket system, insulation, flashings and outer sheets are installed. The efficiency benefits here are felt across the whole project.


Non-fragile roof liners reduce risk

An important consideration for installers is establishing a safe method of work. There is always a risk to life when working on a roof, so contractors need to be assured that their roofing system follows guidance from the Red Book, or ACR[M]001.

Within the industry you hear the term ‘walkability’ used in relation to liner sheets, but the term ‘walkability’ is not easily defined. It relates to the ability of a liner sheet to accept the load generated by foot traffic without being damaged, however this depends on the amount load being applied to the sheet and the cross-sectional area the load. It is generally accepted in the industry that with best custom and practice a 0.7mm, 30mm liner provides an adequate walkable system.

When using the Gemello trapezoidal roof system, specifiers and installers can be assured that all roof sheets with a profile depth of at least 30mm are non-fragile to ACR[M]001 Class B.

We recommend that specifiers think about the safety implications when ordering a liner profile for a roof application.

Remember that your non-fragile liner may only be considered walkable once it is fully fixed and sealed. All reasonable care should still be taken when walking on the liner regardless of its fragility class or perceived ‘walkability’.


Extended 30-year warranty

One of the main reasons installers choose the Gemello twin-skin cladding system is the competitive system warranty. The Gemello system offers a 12, 25 and 30 year integrity warranty from the largest roll forming company in the UK. This warranty is back by SIG, a FTSE 250 company and one of the most recognised and trusted names within construction industry.


Other benefits from Steadmans

As part of SIG, Steadmans roofing and cladding systems come with a host of other benefits, from local service and competitive pricing to a range of profiles.

With Gemello you’ll find a large profile range – six roof and wall liner profiles and ten external roof and wall options available in a range of finishes and colours. This means that designers can create modern, attractive buildings with clean, sharp lines – making these systems ideal for projects in industrial, retail and commercial sectors.

Steadmans also has access to three manufacturing sites across UK, meaning the company is strategically positioned to be your local supplier of complete roofing and cladding systems. We deliver the product to you quickly, reliably and at a low delivery cost.

For a quote from your local Steadmans representative, please contact us by calling 01697 478277 or emailing [email protected].

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