Any business will be aware of the need to secure its assets, and this extends to buildings themselves, which are just as susceptible to damage as their contents.

When it comes to protecting these assets, the old adage that prevention is always better than the cure rings true, and when combined with the knowledge that products adhere to industry standards, it creates an all-encompassing approach to building safety.

Industry standard
For more than 100 years, the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been in place to form a bridge between industries and the government that helps to ensure fire and security products and services perform to the highest standard.

The arrangement benefits both specifiers and manufacturers, with the LPCB providing third-party approval that products and services will continue to meet standards, having a multitude of benefits.

For specifiers, using LPCB-approved products effectively helps to reduce fire safety and security risks, which can have an ongoing impact on issues ranging from employee and customer safety to insurance.

It also helps demonstrate due diligence, avoiding any potential legal considerations, and reduces the need to spend money on purchasing unnecessary equipment, as well as saving time spent on searching for and assessing products and services.

Worldwide recognition
From a manufacturer’s perspective, gaining LPCB approval can have a marked effect on both the value and sales of their products, chiefly because LPCB-approved products are specified around the world and have universal conformance.

Furthermore, third-party approval illustrates due diligence from the manufacturer and reduces liability from both an insurer’s and customer’s point of view.

Knowing that LPCB protection is in place can have tangible business benefits and help to ensure the safety of buildings and the people and products inside them.

All Steadmans AS35 insulated roof and wall panels have been tested and accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1181:1- 2003.

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More information on specific LPCB standards and accreditation is available here.

By Liam O’Hara, marketing director at SIG Building Solutions