Project Description

Agricultural building products manufacturer Steadmans has provided Balbuthie Farm in Fife, Scotland, with a complete building envelope for a new property used to house its prize herd of Baldinnie Poll Herefords.

The 55m long building utilises innovative roof and wall products to deal with condensation and ventilation issues found in livestock housing.
To address the problem of condensation, Steadmans’ unique Drain Dripstop product was applied to the underside of the company’s single skin AS30/1000 profiled steel roof cladding.

Drain Dripstop is a factory applied woven polyester fleece that reduces the risk of condensation droplets forming on the underside of steel roof panels by removing the condensate prior to droplets developing by wicking it into guttering. This makes it ideal for livestock housing, hence its application at Balbuthie Farm.

Ventilation of the building was achieved by specifying Steadmans’ Ventair louvered wall cladding to both sides of the building, allowing optimum airflow throughout. The combination of the Ventair and Drain Dripstop products provide an effective solution to the build up of corrosive animal gases, waste and condensation created by damp and humid conditions caused by over-wintering livestock.

Balbuthie Farm’s manager, Willie Wason, said: “We are very pleased with our new livestock building. Steadmans’ Drain Dripstop and Ventair products combine perfectly to deliver a comfortable and balanced environment for all of our cattle throughout the year.”

The livestock building was erected by Perth-based construction company Algo. Steadmans also supplied the zed purlins and rails for the building along with all flashings and guttering. The roof and wall cladding products were supplied in olive green to ensure that the new building complemented its rural surroundings.

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