Steadmans says professionals should be aware of new guidance from a key trade body about installing insulated roof panels.

The company believes the document, from the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA), is particularly timely, with the peak months for site work about to begin.

The nine-page publication, from the organisation also known as “the building envelope authority”, is entitled A Guide to Site Installation of Insulated Roof Panels. It provides advice on handling and storage, preparation, selecting fasteners, sealants and the installation sequence. The document also contains information on cutting panels and a list of aspects to be checked once installations have been completed, to ensure jobs have been undertaken properly and roofs are left in appropriate conditions.

Importantly, the publication stresses that manufacturers, such as Steadmans, are best-placed to offer advice about their products and will usually willingly answer questions from roofers on subjects such as the suitability of their materials, systems and assemblies.

The MCRMA therefore suggests that roofers should approach the manufacturers of the insulated panels they install, in the first instance, if they have queries about working correctly and safely.

Welcoming the guidance, Ian Hodgson, divisional director, Steadmans, said: “Even experienced roofers can never have too much of this kind of advice and the MCRMA also deserves credit for the timing of its publication. We’d urge everyone likely to be installing insulated roof panels in the months ahead to obtain a copy – it’s available free of charge online – and take the few minutes, which are all that are needed, to read it.”

The document’s message about never being afraid to consult manufacturers, even after their products have been bought, was also welcomed by Steadmans.

Ian said: “One of the things we pride ourselves on is the quality of our customer care, including the after-sales service, so we positively welcome feedback and questions from buyers of our products. We would much rather take an extra few minutes to advise a customer on doing a job properly than have our name associated with a project which has been executed badly or – worst of all – led to someone being hurt.”

Steadmans’ product range includes its AS35 insulated cladding, comprising two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation – used to form roofs down to a four-degree pitch.

The AS35 system, which includes a comprehensive range of guttering, flashings, sealants and rooflights, offers rapid coverage and swift completion of weatherproof building envelopes, providing high performance constructions.

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