CE marking may now be mandatory for many building products supplied in European Union member states – but metal gutters and their associated products are not among them.

Steadmans is one of the 14 members of the Metal Gutter Manufacturers Association (MGMA), which has taken steps to address the lack of awareness surrounding this issue. The MGMA has strongly reiterated that, under the Construction Products Regulations, metal gutters and their associated products are not only not required to carry CE marks, but not permitted to have them.

David Henderson, commercial development and marketing manager, Steadmans, said: “We welcome the fact the MGMA has taken steps to clarify the situation when it comes to CE marking and metal gutters.

“Here at Steadmans, we worked hard to ensure all our relevant output met the requirements for CE marking well ahead of the relevant deadlines on July 1 this year and last. However, we want to reassure our customers that these don’t apply to our metal guttering products and for these to be marked in this way would, in fact, be illegal.”

The CE marking legislation implemented this year covers all “series” manufactured structural metal components or kits made or imported into the EU, to which harmonised European standard BS EN 1090-1 applies. This followed construction products covered by a harmonised technical specification, either a harmonised European Standard or a European Technical Assessment, having to be marked from a year earlier.

Geraint Jones, chairman of the MGMA, said: “With the introduction of BS EN 1090 for structural steelwork in July 2014, we felt it is particularly timely to spread the message about the products that don’t require CE marks.

“As one of our members, we know Steadmans has implemented the need for CE marking of certain products extremely well and the company’s website provides very comprehensive information on the subject.”

The MGMA said all its members manufacture high quality products that in most cases exceed the minimum BS and EN Standards requirements. In 2010, the association worked with the British Standards Institution to publish BS 8530, which is a new standard for traditional cast aluminium guttering.

Steadmans manufactures an extensive range of metal gutters and downpipes, all of which are designed to complement its flashing, roofing and cladding systems. Trimline gutters and downpipes are available in galvanised, polyester, PVF2 or Plastisol, leathergrain and Scintilla finishes. It also manufactures gutters in pre-galvanised steel to BS EN 10143:2006 and pre-coated steel and aluminium versions.

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