With the UK economy experiencing green shoots of recovery, it’s perhaps no surprise that the latest figures show a pickup in construction activity in January this year following a 17-month low in December.

The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index (PMI) rose by more than expected to 59.1 from 57.6 the previous month, driven mainly by residential housebuilding, the commercial sector and civil engineering. Furthermore, optimism for the next year grew for the first time in three months.

Construction, which accounts for just over six per cent of the UK economy, was hit hard by Britain’s recession after the global financial crisis, and the sector’s output is still around eight per cent below the levels of early 2008.

Steadmans is encouraged by the latest construction figures and is fully expecting to see demand for its products continue to grow throughout 2015. However, despite these increasing levels of demand, Steadmans is very aware that it’s vital to maintain high standards in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

As Britain’s leading manufacturer of building materials for the agricultural and steel building sectors, Steadmans prides itself on the fact that it has complete quality control over its roofing and cladding products. It only sources the very best materials for use in its production processes and quality checks take place regularly within the manufacturing cycle. Everything possible is done to ensure its products are within its exacting production tolerances, which ultimately ensures that building and site delays are minimised.

Steadmans’ accreditations speak for themselves. The company’s manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard, with its AS35 insulated roof and wall panels having been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1181:1-2003. From July 1 2015, it became mandatory for much of the fabricated structural steelwork supplied in European Union member states to carry a CE mark, to which Steadmans was well ahead of the game in terms of compliance.

As the rate of construction continues to increase in the UK, customers can be safe in the knowledge that high service levels are maintained at Steadmans. It uses computerised systems to track orders and monitor stock levels, and it ensures deliveries arrive on time by using its own vehicles where possible and an approved contractor.

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