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Steadmans Agri-steel™ provides perfect, cost effective cladding for farm buildings. It is very widely used in new build and refurbishment where it is a more robust alternative to traditional fibre cement materials. Steadmans Agri-steel™ cladding for farm buildings system consists of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles for single skin roofing (down to 4° pitch) and walls. Agri-steel has been designed specifically for un-insulated farm buildings.

Agri-steel includes 8 layers of protection to the steel substrate including a 35 micron protective coating to both sides of the material – giving it excellent corrosion resistance and making it suitable for farm buildings which include aggressive, high humidity conditions. Agri-steel provides excellent levels of resistance against many chemicals found in agricultural environments.

Benefits of Agri-Steel Cladding for Farm Buildings

  • Double sided 35 micron coating for protective performance inside and out
  • 275g/m² zinc coating for greater corrosion resistance
  • 8 layers of protection
  • Variety of profile options
  • Choice of rurally suited colours
  • Suitable for high-humidity applications including livestock housing
  • Ideal alternative to fibre cement
  • Performance warranty up to 15 years


Agri-Steel cladding for farm buildings is carefully manufactured in a controlled process to ensure consistent quality. It has been developed as an effective cladding material for agricultural buildings and is guaranteed to give 15 years functional performance, providing buildings are well designed and ventilated. Agri-steel sheets are unaffected by mould, fungi and mildew and do not support vermin.

Agri-Steel cladding for farm buildings is constantly laboratory-tested in accredited laboratories to measure its performance against corrosion, effect of sunlight, chemicals and abrasion.
Agri-Steel, like all our steel cladding, is manufactured in a process certified to ISO 9001:2008 and the substrate complies with BS EN 10346:2009.

Performance data and load span tables for all the Agri-Steel profiles are available from Steadmans.

The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a specification. These figures relate to the topcoat and solid colours.

Property Data Test
Gloss (60°) 30-40% EN13523-2
Resistance to rapid deformation 16J EN13523-5
Adhesion after indentation (7.5mm) 100% EN13523-6
T bend (no cracking) diameter 4T @ 16°C EN13523-7
Scratch resistance > 3000g EN13523-12
Abrasion resistance < 15mg EN13253-16
Corrosion Resistance:
Salt Spray (hours) 1000 EN13253-8
Humidity (hours) 1000 EN13253-25
Max. continuous operating temp. 100°C Mill
Min. forming temp. 16°C Mill

Part Construction

  1. Flexible, co-polymer outer Topcoat
  2. High-build Primer
  3. Chemical Pre-treatment
  4. Zinc Coating
  5. Substrate
  6. Zinc Coating
  7. Chemical Pre-treatment
  8. High-build Primer
  9. Flexible, co-polymer inner Topcoat


Although Agri-Steel cladding for farm buildings is generally maintenance-free, appropriate maintenance will considerably extend the overall life of the sheeting.

We recommend:

  • separate treated timber purlins from the cladding sheets by using a DPC type material;
  • the bottom edge of wall sheeting be kept out of continuous contact with damp materials;
  • prolonged direct contact with aggressive chemicals (e.g. slurry) be avoided;
  • if the coating is damaged, and the substrate is visible, touch-up paint should be applied to the exposed metal only;
  • when the buildings are in a coastal location, the cut edges should be coated with touch up paint;
  • areas of sheeting which are not washed by rain water (e.g. under eaves) be washed regularly to prevent the accumulation of salts.

Available Colours

Agri-Steel cladding for farm buildings is available in 3 standard colours – see below. Special colours may also available, contact Steadmans for more details.

Slate Blue 18B29
Juniper Green 12B29
Vandyke Brown 08B29

The colours include the nearest British Standard reference for guidance only as the colours vary slightly from British Standard and are for guidance only – specification should be made from an actual sample, available from Steadmans.

Supply and Delivery

The Agri-Steel system is available directly from Steadmans. Sheets are supplied in plastic wrapped packs. Fully timber crated pack are available for sea freight shipping at additional cost.

Agri-Steel sheets are usually delivered to site. Off loading is the responsibility of the customer. Delivery by self offload vehicles can be arranged.

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