From earthquakes and excess loading to severe wind and fire, unforeseen factors have the potential to affect the structural integrity of a building.

However, it is possible to design and construct steel buildings that resist these factors enabling them to remain structurally sound. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of building materials for the agricultural and steel building sectors, Steadmans prides itself on its accreditations which underline their excellence. Furthermore, the company’s customers can have peace of mind that the company’s AS35 panels and twin skin systems are of the very highest quality and therefore, enhance the safety standards of their respective building projects.

Overall, the statutory steel fire performance requirements for buildings are set out in Building Regulations, which aim to preserve the life of a building during a fire. Therefore, the regulations aim to facilitate escape, ensure safe access for the fire service and prevent the spread of fire to neighbouring properties. Here is an overview of the key regulations which Steadmans complies with:

Growth of fire
The Surface Spread of Flame test, or BS 476-7: 1971 or 1987 measures the rate flames spread across a material surface, but does not consider emission of toxic smoke and gas. Meanwhile, the BS 476-6: 1981 or 1989 Fire Propagation Test assesses the heat potential for a material or system.

Fire resistance
The BS 476-22 test measures the steel fire performance of a sample construction in terms of its insulation value and integrity.

Commercial standards
The LPS 1181-1: 2005 tests for built-up cladding and sandwich panel systems for use as the external envelope of buildings. It also measures how a sample construction reacts to fire and takes account of the results of testing to the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) standard, LPS 1208-2.1. This sets out fire resistance requirements for built-up and composite wall and roof panels, mainly by reference to the British Standards for fire resistance.

As both a manufacturer and supplier, Steadmans has complete quality control from production to the customer’s door. Customers can be safe in the knowledge that they are using the highest quality products available and that they have been tested to the most rigorous of fire standards.

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