Fairs Product


FAIRS (Factory Assembled Insulating Rooflights) are manufactured to provide a simple in-plane roof light solution in composite panel roofs and walls. They can be configured to provide the perfect solution to match your needs for any profiled roof, even most discontinued ones.

FAIRS scatter transmitted light, to ensure even light distribution without internal glare, excessive shadow or hot spots, making them ideal for factories, commercial buildings, sports halls, stadia, agricultural buildings; wherever natural light is needed.

FAIRS Brochure (coming soon)

Insulated panels Fairs Ideal for Factories commercial buildings sports halls stadia and agricultural buildings

Ideal for factories, commercial buildings, sports halls, stadia and agricultural buildings

Insulated panels Fairs High levels of natural light

High levels of natural light

Insulated panels Fairs Tough and durable

Tough and durable

FAIRS guttering flashings sealnts and rooflight accessories

Includes a comprehensive range of guttering, flashings, sealants and rooflights


Manufactured with translucent GRP sheets that are tested to BS 476 Parts 3, 6 & 7.

Meets Broof(t4)1 to BS EN 13501-5: 2016 classification.


  • No penetration of the roof system within 60 minutes
  • In preliminary tests, after withdrawal of the test flame, specimens burn for less than 5 minutes
  • In preliminary tests, the flame spread is less than 0.38 m across the are of burning
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