Single skin Ventair building


Ventair, Steadmans metal wall cladding sheet, meets the agricultural industry’s need for really effective ventilation, as well as in variety of other applications. With louvres on both sides of the sheet, the airflow has been increased to generate an even greater movement of fresh air.

Manufactured from AS24/1000W profile coated steel sheets, with louvred slots to provide efficient ventilation and ambient natural light while excluding water penetration and direct vision, it is ideal for livestock buildings, equine arenas, ménages, milking parlours, or others buildings requiring good natural ventilation.

Ventair has louvred slots punched into the broad flats of the profile creating a 12.5% open area. The slots are shaped to shed water efficiently while providing good airflow and allow discrete ambient light. Direct vision is minimised to protect the livestock or activities within the building. For more details on installation and performance download our AS24 Vented Sheet brochure.

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