Roofing and Wall Accessories Gutters and downpipes

Gutters and Downpipes

Designed to complement our flashing, roofing and cladding systems, our trimline gutters and downpipes are available in galvanised, polyester, PVF2 or Plastisol, leathergrain and Scintilla finishes to match our range of flashings; insulated and uninsulated valley, box and secret gutters are available in pre-galvanised steel (to BS EN 10143:2006), pre-coated steel and aluminium (to special order).

Insulated panels accessories gutters and downpipes gutters studio

Complete gutter systems and accessories can be manufactured to special customer requirements up to 10m in length. Factory formed insulated gutters are available with 60mm polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation (U = 0.35 W/m²K) and 80mm polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation (U = 0.25 W/mK).

Insulated panels accessories gutters and downpipes accessories

A range of NFRC Class A butyl sealants, profile foam fillers and expanding foams to enable our profiles to be sealed to each other and to other building components, to avoid water ingress and air leakage.

Insulated panels accessories gutters and downpipes plastic gutters

We also supply Hunter Plastics rainwater systems for use on all our single skin, Meta-SlatePlus and fibre cement sheet roofing systems where PVC-u gutters and downpipes are preferred to metal systems.

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