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Eaves Beams

Three depths of eaves beams are available. Folded indented sections with a maximum length of 10m are available in 200mm and 240mm depth. A 300mm deep flat back or non-indented eaves beam is available up to a span of 12.5m to complement the 300 series of purlin sections. Eaves beams are usually single spanning but the 200 and 240 series may be supplied as double-spanning up to a 5m span and the 300 series can be double-spanning up to a 7.5m span.

Eaves beams are there to:

  • Reduce the horizontal design span for side wind
  • Assist with dispersing horizontal wind loads into the roof diaphragm
  • Reduce any twisting due to eaves gutters and with erection of roof cladding

It is recommended that at least one row of eaves braces should be adopted, even where a zero row of sag bars is used with the purlins. Additionally, the number of rows of eaves braces should not be less than the number of rows of sag bars for purlins, or as selected by the designer to suit any particular design. Removal of eaves braces should only be carried out if the roof designer is confident that the structural implications have been fully considered. Design guidance for our Eaves Beams and their use is contained in our Purlins, Rails & Eaves Beams Design Guide.

Eaves Beams Framework Schematic Secondary Steelwork Manufacturer
Eaves Beams Framework Cross section diagram and Dimensions