Flashings and Guttering

Flashings and Guttering

We manufacture a wide range of ridge, barge, verge, gutter, apron, cap, corner, internal and drip flashings in galvanised, polyester, PVF2 or Plastisol, leathergrain and Scintilla finishes to complement our roofing and cladding systems.

Insulated panels accessories flashings and guttering flashings studio

Most flashings incorporate our ‘Lockroll’ safety edge. All traditional profiles are available and any special customer requirements can be catered for. All flashings can be supplied up to 6m in length.

Insulated panels accessories flashings and guttering accessories

A range of NFRC Class A butyl sealants, profile foam fillers and expanding foams to enable our profiles to be sealed to each other and to other building components, to avoid water ingress and air leakage.

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